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Stella Ambler for Simcoe-Grey Ontario PC Nomination

Important Update

On the June 3rd, the PC Party appointed a candidate in Simcoe-Grey. A few days later, I filed an appeal but it was rejected. Soon after, this petition was created and began circulating. (Please sign if you haven’t already!)

On August 5th, I filed an application in court against the PC Party of Ontario.

Why?  I am going to court because certain PC party officials are blocking the democratic vote the PC members here in Simcoe-Grey want and deserve, and because these officials have left me no other option.

I’m not giving up because the cause of democracy is simply too important.

The PC Party members here in Simcoe-Grey deserve the right to vote for the candidate of their choice, not for one to be appointed for them.

As our party constitution states, we are entitled to an “open, public and democratic” nomination meeting and that’s what this court case is all about.

Under the “media” tab of this website, you will find my news release and more information about the court case.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please click here to send me a message

Thank you,


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Click here to donate to the Democracy for Simcoe-Grey Legal Fund.

The people of Simcoe-Grey need a candidate who is ready to win in 2022 and who will be their champion at Queen’s Park – someone who has a proven track record of getting results.

I want to be that candidate and I am ready to serve you as the next MPP for Simcoe-Grey!

Throughout my time in public service, my actions have been guided by my core principles of public service, compassion and respect. As a Member of Parliament, my work was guided by respect for families, the taxpayer, and the environment. I worked to amplify the voices of my constituents and I was able to get results for them. Every day, I helped countless individuals navigate the complex web of government bureaucracy, I secured millions in funding for conservation, heritage and other projects in the riding, I voted to protect the rights of law-abiding firearms owners and I prioritized the needs of vulnerable Canadians.

I want to bring my commonsense approach to every aspect of government. In these challenging times, families in Ontario need practical and real solutions more than ever. I want to use my experience in politics to ensure that your government is working for you and I would be honoured to stand for you as your provincial representative in Queen’s Park. Please consider joining my team today, by joining the Ontario PC Party and voting for me at our local Simcoe-Grey PC candidate nomination meeting. (It’s easy and fast! Simply click on the “Become a Member” tab, here on this website page.)

I’m ready to serve, ready to win, and ready to get things done.

Together, we can get results for Simcoe-Grey!

Stella Ambler for Simcoe-Grey Ontario PC Nomination